Who is Eken?


My name is John aka Eken, which came to be about 10 years ago playing SWG. I have always been into gaming even at a young age. I remember playing Alex the Kid on my early day Sega and even the good old tape systems.  Over the years my love for technology has increased and always had to have the latest and greatest toys.

From my humble beginnings of Alex the Kid I have upgraded my systems and at one point having connected to one tv a Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox. Console gaming has always been a highlight to me, but with the advancement of the internet over the years PC gaming is another favorite past time. There may be a few people out there that can remember gaming on a 28kb modem or finally upgrading to a 56kb and thinking it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Playing FPS’s such as counter strike on dial up was frustrating but at the same time an adrenaline rush.  How things have changed, if I don’t have access to a fast DSL line I wouldn’t move to that area ( and yes it has come close). I am currently playing all Blizzard titles WoW – SC2 and D3 and still enjoy them all as I have played WoW since launch in 2004.

Warhammer fantasy gaming has randomly come back into my life as I put up my warhammer gloves almost 20 years ago. I am finding it a great new hobby and I hope to share some of my experiences as it progresses.

Where am I now?

I graduated from university last year and I am 6 months into a two year graduate program as a Geologist. I can’t say that I would have ever thought I would be a university grad or even knew what a geologist did. Geology  has sparked a fire with me from my first class five years ago. Over that time I have married a wonderful girl and now I am a father of a cute yet cheeky three year old.  As my profile pic above shows I also love all things out doors. Mixed in with my gaming time has been surfing, bodyboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking and SUP which I would not replace for anything. So there may be some surf photos posted as I get a new Go Pro.

Once again I hope you enjoy my blog and any thoughts please let me know.




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